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Mundrabilla is located on the Nullarbor Plain via the Eyre Highway approximately half way between Adelaide (1331Km) and Perth (1363 km)  and only 72km west of the South Australian / West Australian border. The roadhouse nestled under the beauty of the Hampton Tableland has become a popular stopover for most travellers in part due to its isolation but also it's magic. As you could imagine, due to its location, during the summer, temperatures consistently rest in the 30's, however the "Nullarbor Doctor" arrives nightly in the form of a cool southerly breeze, ensuring you rest easily throughout the evening.

Our isolation and unique location means there is nowhere else in the world like Mundrabilla. We are an oasis in the outback where you will witness the only renewable energy power station on the Nullarbor suppling clean green power all day, where you are able to play a hole on the world's longest golf course or just relax and watch the beautiful sunset in the basin of the Nullarbor.

Mundrabilla Roadhouse and Station are situated on the Roe Plains framed between the scenic Hampton Tablelands and the coast. The plains are about 40km wide and extend for about 250km from near Eucla in the east to twighlight cove near Eyre in the west. The plain was named after John Septimus Roe (1779 1878) the first surveyor general of WA and are familiar to motorists as they pass through them after entering or leaving via the Madura or Eucla Pass. Roe plains were a source of sandalwood in the past which was harvested and exported to the Far East.

Mundrabilla Station was one of the first sheep stations on the Nullarbor Plain . In 1872 two Brothers Thomas and William Kennedy with William McGill  trekked 1200 arduous kms from Albany with 1500 sheep and eight horses to select grazing land. The Government were giving out grants for leases for up to 100,000 acres of crown land. Due to chronic water shortages, difficult terrain and exhausted sheep forced them to abandon their journey. The Kennedy's and McGill later settled at Mundrabilla Homestead where they found good grazing lands and sufficient water for their stock. Examples of the reality of settling into unknown territory Annie McGill was to die during childbirth in 1879. Tragically Tom Kennedy was later speared to death. Mundrabilla Station is still a working  cattle station today.

Mundrabilla is also a railway siding on the Indian Pacific railway line across the continent also named after the station. 

During the 1920s engineers from the Indian Pacific Railway also hoped to discover significant underground water supplies in the Mundrabilla area. Drilling teams were a common sight throughout the Nullarbor at the time, and numerous boreholes were sunk in the hope of discovering water to power early 20th century locomotive boilers. At Mundrabilla the mother of all boreholes was sunk to a depth of 472 metres. At that depth the drilling team were dismayed to discover that they had reached a bedrock of solid granite - and more to the point, there was absolutely no water whatsoever. The area receives approximately 6 inches of rain per year.

To the south of Mundrabilla lies the Great Australian Bight and a beach called Wanteen, where a small Rock Lobster industry has developed.

The largest meteor in Australia known as the Mundrabilla Meteor weighing in 12.192 tonnes was found by two surveyors in Mundrabilla in 1966, forms one half of the "Mundrabilla Mass". The other weighs 5.080 tonnes, where both pieces of the "Mundrabilla Mass" fell to Earth a million years ago.

Today the roadhouse established in 1968 is located 35km from the original station settlement. Both are still thriving businesses today owned and operated by the same family. We are proud to be the owners and caretakers of a most unique part of Australian and we look forward to sharing it with you as you make your way across the Eyre Highway. If you are looking to have a rest and to refuel the body or vehicle, give the kids a rest off the beaten track and try something different, come visit us!

We provide the comfort, fresh food and friendly service you need to fuel your adventure at Mundrabilla.

We look forward to having you visit soon!

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