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Worlds Longest Golf Course

Nullarbor Links Golf Course - Hole 8: Mundrabilla Watering Hole Par 4, 330 metres.

Mundrabilla is part of the Nullarbor Links golf course. We have a par 4 hole situated behind the complex complete with synthetic greens and tee. A very typical Aussie outback joke the Nullarbor Links Golf Course is the world's longest golf course with the first hole in Ceduna, South Australia and the 18th hole 1365 km away at Kalgoorlie. Located at the Mundrabilla Motel, It stretches across scrubby land behind the roadhouse and is notable for a deserted van (redesigned with corrugated iron) and a particularly unforgiving fairway. A sharp dog-leg Par 4 shaping to the left. A good drive will cut the corner over the deserted van, leaving a wedge to the green.

View the website to learn more about the longest golf course in the world.

Driving to the Coast

the Great Southern Ocean and the Great Australian Bight

It is possible to drive to the coast from the Mundrabilla Roadhouse, particularly if you have a 4WD via Wanteen Beach Road. Ask our firendly staff for directions.


Mundrabilla, Australia latitude: S 31° 49' 4.72" longitude: E 128° 13' 30.66" Established: 28/08/2009

When you pull into the gas station at the Mundrabilla roadhouse, there is a plaque in median between the gas pumps and the store. Bruce Mulroy, a previous proprietor of the roadhouse, helped to install it. The plaque was placed in the ground, the story from the marker and sang Kcymaerxthaereal songs (the younger set even dressed in costume!) of the Mundrabilla community.

In our linear world, the Nullarbor is perched above a huge (hundreds of kilometers across) block of limestone. This seems to resonate with the story of the Agogatlovs, who were able traverse the interior of the planet. Though these creatures were strong, they were very simple--dense you might say--and actually seemed to enjoy the attentions of the Tehachapi and helping them with their work.

Off-Grid Renewable Energy Power System

Mundrabilla Roadhouse Power

Tropical Energy Solutions designed and project managed the installation of a 96kW PV solar system with 183kWh of energy storage. The PV solar modules are installed on a purpouse built ground mount system utilizing available space next to the main facilities.


Hampton Tablelands - Nullarbor

Behind the roadhouse lies the Hampton Tablelands. A walk to the top of the escarpment shows the beautiful landscape of the highway endless plain leading to the west and east. The only roadhouse located in the basin of the Nullarbor is very unique and exquisite

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Supplying clean green power to the Nullarbor

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